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Cheeky Testimonials

​"Brilliant. My 2 are a handful, and Mark was wonderful" ​Georgia, Bristol.

​"You were brill. Rocco's been brilliant" ​Jade, Weston-Super-Mare.

​"Frankie has been on his best behaviour, you must have magic powers. No dog on dog or ppl aggression at Blaise yesterday, where it was teaming with dogs off lead and ppl. Yayyy!" ​Angie, Bristol.

​"It was nice to see Roxy behave in the way that she did. Since we last saw you a lady came towards us with a King Charles. Roxy lay on her belly, and was rewarded. We must have been talking for 5 minutes. We are feeling better now." ​Keith and Marilyn, Radstock.

Pause for thoughts

It's time for a puppy class update, and for a huge dose of cuteness. With test week just around the corner, all of our youngsters have been working hard, and often playing even harder! If you ever find yourself in a bit of a rut, I'd highly recommend watching a puppy sniff out treats in a ballpool for the first time. Magnificent, life-enhancing and simply good fun.