Dog Training Services

How we can help your dog.

Our dog training 'Behaviourist Package' is designed to remedy the more severe behaviour problems, such as aggression towards either humans or other dogs, separation anxiety, possessive behaviour and any other unwanted behaviour that has become habitual. This dog training package consists of an initial consultation of between 2 and 3 hours, during which we'll establish the motivation for your dog's behaviour and then form the basis of our plan to help you and your dog. We will then discuss the training techniques that will be the most helpful, and practice them together so that we're both happy that you have the tools to move forward, and know how to apply them.

As an assessed and qualified member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (, I am proud to display the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter symbol.

Our Dog Training Tariffs:

Behaviourist Package - £280.

One to one training - £60 per session. 

Six week course of Puppy Classes - £95.

In addition to the consultation, the 'Behaviourist Package' includes 2 follow-up dog training visits of an hour, where we step the training up another level, increase the distractions, and start to create a new habit. This is the part where consistency comes to the fore.

The Cheeky Chihuahua also offers group puppy classes and one to one dog training sessions, which cover everything from socialisation and habitualisation, to basic training and well-being. The puppy classes are held at Worle Communtiy Centre  on Thursday evenings, and run for 6 weeks.

If your dog is a little older, we hold our Teenage Tearaway classes locally on a Friday evening. Finally, we offer Mantrailing sessions. If you're not familiar, Mantrailing is a fun sport where we teach pet dogs to follow a human scent. If your pooch has always fancied themselves as a sniffer dog, you've come to the right place

Dog Behavior Training Reviews

"Hiya, I spoke to you last week regarding my lab who had started barking during the night! I just wanted to thank you because I have followed your advice and Daisy has stopped the barking and also hasn't pulled any of her fur out! So again thank you so much for your advice it seems as if the Daisy my little family fell in love with is making a wonderful return! X"

"We have been working with Mark and our little Ollie for some time now and shall continue to do so. Given the current times we are in, it hasn't been easy with a new puppy and getting him out into the world to socialise. Mark has been excellent throughout and we really are seeing a difference in Ollie. His confidence has grown, he is coming along leaps and bounds and continues to do so too. We shall continue to work with Mark as not only is he an expert in his field, he's a genuine and great person too. He's very easy to work with too, arranging anything is straightforward and he's just a happy guy as you can tell that Mark is doing what he loves. Ollie loves his training and the treats too. Thanks Mark!" (Sam, Weston-super-Mare)

"Mark has been fantastic, from puppy training onto teenage tearaways and on to start our journey as we train Jackson as an assistance dog, so far it's been a pleasure and I still have all my fingers, I'm not sure who looks forward to each session most, Mark myself or the Dog!" (Mark, Weston-super-Mare) 

"Mark has a lovely, relaxed manner, which my all dogs responded to well. He has been working with Lily, our Podenco, and has helped considerably with her training and reactive issues. Much progress had been made. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Mark for any dog related issues. Thanks, Mark!" (Hilary, Bristol) 

"Mark was great, he was very knowledgeable and took the time to understand our and our Puppy Nelly's training needs. Looking forward to the next session". (George, Weston-super-Mare) 

"We've been working with Mark since before Christmas. We have a 3 month old Jack Russell puppy. He's making great progress under Mark's guidance - we even have him jumping over hurdles! At 15 weeks old, that's not bad! Thanks Mark." (Craig, Weston-super-Mare)