The Cheeky Chihuahua was born from a need to provide suitable dog training to help our own dog. We know what it's like to live with a troubled dog, and this is what sets us apart from most others.

Dog Behaviorist Coach’s Dog
A very happy dog.

If you want dog training, a dog behaviourist, a canine coach, a clicker trainer or even a walker for the dog that can't be walked, you've come to the right place

Dog Trainer Mark Henshaw

​​I initially qualified, with a distinction, as a Dog Behaviourist Practitioner with the British College of Canine Studies, in 2015, with whom I also earned a Certificate in Holistic Health for Dogs and a Certificate in Dog Law.

I'm not one to sit on my laurels, and I've since studied and completed a Canine Principles diploma as a Canine Coach, and another diploma in Rescue Dog Cognition. I am also a member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, and a qualified MantrailingUK instructor

Mantrailing UK and Instructor

Dog Behavior Training Reviews

"Mark is a great trainer, he is very informative, warm and clear with any advice and instructions. My puppy (5 months old German shepherd) has improved after just one session with Mark. Mark's advice and exercises have now become a mainstay in our routine. My puppy is more responsive to my commands and he is much more focused on our walks. I have a new insight and way of thinking in regards to communicating with my puppy thanks to Mark." (Charlotte, Weston-super-Mare) 

"Wilf has graduated from his puppy classes this evening and has excelled himself... Big thanks to Mark, what a genuine chap, full of patience who sees potential in all dogs and works closely with thier owners to help achieve it. .. wouldn't hesitate to recommend him" (Dorey, Weston-super_Mare) 

​"Frankie has been on his best behaviour, you must have magic powers. No dog on dog or ppl aggression at Blaise yesterday, where it was teaming with dogs off lead and ppl. Yayyy!" ​Angie, Bristol.

​"It was nice to see Roxy behave in the way that she did. Since we last saw you a lady came towards us with a King Charles. Roxy lay on her belly, and was rewarded. We must have been talking for 5 minutes. We are feeling better now." ​Keith and Marilyn, Radstock.

Mark is a very genuine guy who listened, didn't judge and gave fantastic advice. Would highly recommend to anyone. 5* (Kylie, Worle)

A great experience for anyone who has a new puppy and wants to learn some key skills, good teaching and lovely friendly environment would definitely recommend Thank you   (Amy, Weston-super-Mare)
Thank you so much for working with Jet with us. You've taught us so much and your advice has been invaluable. Walks are now a pleasure and the bond between me and Jet is even stronger. What you do is amazing! (Ellie, Worle)

Paws for thoughts

​"A dog can’t talk to us, at least not in the way that humans converse, but they are a mine of information and constantly communicate. Dogs bark, yelp, whine, yap, barge, paw, nose butt, growl, walk high, walk low, charge, cower, wag their tails at different heights and velocity, ears up, ears down, raise their hackles, raise a paw, and some even seem to smile. None of these actions can be taken in isolation, but they are all attempts at communicating. The beautiful thing about dog communication is that you know you are getting an untarnished insight into what that dog is feeling at that time. And if a dog is feeling something in the presence of his owner, it’ll most probably be because over time he’s learnt to."​ Mark Henshaw, founder and owner of The Cheeky Chihuahua.