Young dogs need guidance to learn what is acceptable in our world. We ask a lot of them, living under dog rules one minute and ours the next.   

The Basics

Dogs don't need to be obedience champions, but a few manners mean you'll have a dog you can take anywhere. 

The Cheeky Chihuahua has come about from a desire to help our own dog, Pepe, so I'm fully aware of how hard it is to redirect a problem behaviour whilst maintaining a decent relationship with your best friend There are various approaches to dog training, and whilst most have their merits, our priority is to enhance the bond between dog and owner. I won't go for a quick fix, especially if it's only suppressing a problem so that it can re-surface later. The first question we need to ask is, "What is the dog getting out of the problem behaviour? Why is it worthwhile to him?" And we build from there.

We employ a holistic approach and get the whole family involved, working together so both 2 and 4 legged folk are happy.

(‚ÄčNot just for Chihuahuas!)


A Dog's Needs

We are fortunate to share our lives with dogs, but we can forget that they aren't human. If we don't address their needs as dogs, we are only storing up problems  for the future.   

Starting Off

You're a Team